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Part of any child's development of a healthy self-esteem is loving what they see in the mirror. "Black Boy Be You !" is an inspirational book for African- American boys that encourages them to embrace all of their unique qualities and physical features . A day at the playground forced Isaiah to acknowledge that some of his physical attributes are different from his friends. Read how Isaiah was able to accept the parts of himself that were unlike others around him.













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"Black Boy Be You!"

Book Reviews

" As a educator, I am always looking for literature to reflect the minority culture in my classroom. This book is exactly one for that purpose. It is gentle and easy read for kids of any age."

- Monica

" Black Boy Be You! Is a celebration of the fortitude of little Black boys who must stand up for who they are. Even in the face of adversity, Isaiah’s innate joy is supported by his internal thoughts and the accompanying narration. The phrase “Black boy be you!” echoes throughout the story, creating a mantra to support all Black boys who have found themselves in situations similar to Isaiah’s."

- Mary Lanni  reedsy.com

" Encourages self-esteem! I like this book for young children. It's perfect for story time reading with a parent. The book's message is very big and powerful. Love yourself, little black child. You are beautiful just as you are!

- Naomi

Black Boy Be You Children's Book