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Something magical happens when you open a book. What Do I Do with This? is a playful story that explains the importance of reading. Isaiah receives more than just a gift for his first birthday. With the aid of Isaiah's family, he learns the purpose of a book and why reading is key to unlocking your imagination.





Thank you for allowing our book into your home! Children across America are in love with

"Black Boy Be You!"

Book Reviews

" The ILLUSTRATIONS: So colorful, fun and appealing! They’re done just the way little children like them… cartoon (realistic) people! The main character, Baby Isaiah, is EVERYTHING a kid wants a baby to be! He’s cute, and he’s funny. Everyone will fall in love with this baby.

- Naomi W.

" Introducing children to the habit of reading is special, not only for the family but also for the child. This story helps to spark interest among young readers and encourages parents to spend quality time with their children. The innocent, wide-eyed curiosity of Isaiah is endearing, his little antics with his birthday present (the book) squeezes necessary humor into the narration and the manner in which the entire family remains engrossed with the child's reactions is particularly wholesome."

-  Shrubaboti Bose: reedsy.com

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