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- Latoshia Martin, Author -
Meet Latoshia Martin


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I am Latoshia Martin. The owner and creator of Martin’s Children’s Books, LLC. My first book under my company is Black Boy Be You!  

I am a wife, mother, educator, and now a new author. Writing children’s books have always been a dream of mine. As an educator for fifteen years, writing children’s books is the next step in my personal evolution. Working with children for years and having two children of my own provided the insight that I used to help write my books. My author journey started while I was working from home because of COVID-19. I wanted to make positive use of my extra time. 

Black Boy Be You! is my first children’s book. It is one of many books that I created during the summer. I felt this would be the best book to illustrate first because of our nation’s current racial climate.  Black Boy Be You! was published in late September.

The books that I am writing are to inspire self-love in young African-American children.  I feel that all children need to have a positive representation of themselves. My goal is to also provide resources for beginning readers.  Our books include additional  material that parents and educators can use to extend the themes found in each book. My books are based on real-life situations. The characters in my books are named after children in my family. Our company is truly a family affair. 

A lasting thought that I would like to leave would be: Everyone in this world is special! Don’t let anyone dim your light! You are doing your best when you follow your dreams! 

My dream is to create positive children’s books. Thank you once again for joining me on my literary journey. 

-Latoshia Martin

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